Push-ups… an exercise that many women roll their eyes on and quickly announce “I can’t do them”. But not so fast, Yes you can!

Not only can you do push-ups but you NEED to do push-ups. They are an excellent exercise that simply should not be avoided during workouts. It is easy to forget about body weight exercises when you’re surrounded by weights and machines, but body weight moves are top notch for helping you get stronger, work several muscles at one time, and yielding great toning results.

Think that push-ups are just for women and men in uniform? Think again!

Just consider all the muscles that a push-up targets:





Butt (squeeze when you’re in push-up position to feel what I am talking about)

The more muscles that an exercise can target, the more calories you burn and faster results you’ll see.

I challenge you to get down right now (yes, right now) and try to do as many push-ups as you can off your knees, getting your chest close to the ground and keeping a straight body position before resting. How many?

It’s okay, if that number was 1, 5 or even 0 because we have put together this push-up progression workout to help you out! The only way to get stronger is to actually work at it. So to do better with push-ups, start doing push-ups! I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

push-up progression

Start at the top and do the recommended amount of push-ups (against a wall). If you can do all 50, without resting, move to the next modification. If you have to break it up into sets of 10, that’s okay… keep working on it every other day. When you are able to do ALL reps at once, then continue your way down.

Soon you’ll realize you’re doing big girl push-ups like it’s nothing!

And you will feel amazing and proud.

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How Many Push-Ups Can You Do? 

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