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The Fat Blasting Boot Camp is the only fitness training, nutrition coaching, and healthy lifestyle support system for women across the Charleston area.

I’m Kindal Boyle and along with my husband, Dan, we built the boot camp with one mission in mind:

To Help 5,000 Charleston Women Lose A Collective 150,000 Pounds of Unhealthy Body Fat By 2020!

But it’s not just weight loss that drives us. I want you to look in the mirror everyday and be able to say,

“I love my body. I feel comfortable in my body and I would not trade it for anything.”Your future quote

The Fat Blasting Boot Camp Redefines Fitness

As a member of boot camp, you’ll experience something completely different from any gym, class, studio, you name it. Here’s why:

1. Class Size

Each class is limited to 11 members. That means they’re exclusive and you’ll always get personal attention. You won’t be lumped in with dozens of women and lost in the crowd.

At the same time, you’ll be surrounded with amazing energy each member brings daily and not a low energy bland experience.

2. Workout Effectiveness

The workouts in boot camp are what I call Circuit Style. They are intense mostly bodyweight workouts. You’ll use muscles you never knew you had. (Each one is custom designed, tested, and built by Dan and I.)

That’s great because you’ll spike your metabolism burning not just surface fat, but deep internal fat (the really dangerous kind). Plus you’ll build strength while formulating a powerful self confidence.

3. Nutrition Expertise

I love food and I love to cook. I will help you identify small nutritional changes that can result in well over 10 pounds of fat lose quickly. Plus I can show you how to grocery shop effectively so you buy the right foods and ingredients.

Plus you get access to a huge recipe database on our online membership website.

There’s So Much More!

This isn’t just personal training. Every aspect that creates the foundation for a healthy – longterm – lifestyle is what you’ll tap into as a member.

Call me today and let’s talk about your goals and get you into a boot camp class so you can see what this is all about.

My number is 843 – 603 – 1416

You can email me at FatBlasting@Gmail.com

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to helping you hit your goals, plus redefine your body and life.


Kindal Boyle

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